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Below are a few testimonials from patients who I have treated. They have all given their permission for me to share their story with you! Read below and see how Chiropractic treatment helped them!

I got into a car accident, and afterwards I had stiffness in the neck, headaches, and lower back pain. My mom had an accident in the past and Dr Santoro helped her, so I figured I would give him a try.  I found him and his office to be friendly and practical. As I got treatment , I improved. And, now, I look forward to my visits because I feel much better, not just my bones, but my whole body.

Deborah M.

I had a whiplash injury from a car accident. I had pain in my neck, especially when I turned my head, as well as mid back pain, and tingling into my fingers. I am a dental hygenist so I appreciated the detailed information that Dr. Santoro gave me when he described my injuries.  That being said, he explained it in non technical terms, so anyone could understand it. I really appreciated that. It’s why I decided to receive his care. Regarding his treatment, I love it. I know, whether it be this accident or something else I do, he will be there to help me.

Lisa Z.

I had a whiplash injury that made my neck stiff, painful and immobile. My shoulders and upper spine hurt, too. I was desperate to get relief. Dr Santoro examined me and took xrays. He then explained them to me, and the results showed evidence of my whiplash injury.  I had doubts, quite frankly, whether chiropractic care would help, but as I started treatment, I found progressive, wonderful relief.  My recommendation would be to give chiropractic treatment a try. Dr Santoro is very professional. He will explain your condition and the need for treatment very well, so you can understand and feel comfortable receiving treatment.

Danna B.

I had neck and lower back injuries from a car accident.  I had previously been treated for problems and found chiropractic care was very helpful. So, I had no problem going to a chiropractor for these injuries. My recommendations are to see the chiropractor first. Medication only  masks the problem. Let Dr. Santoro correct the problem! I believe chiropractic care is a very important key to good health. I am a firm believer.

Janet L.

I was injured in a car accident with my husband and three small children.  All five of us were treated by Dr. Santoro.  My children call him the “Fun Doctor”. My family found him to be first class, pleasant, helpful, and concerned. I’m glad I got treatment because I no longer feel like I am 32 going on 93!

Mary S.

I got whiplash from an auto accident.  I hurt my neck primarily. My neck motion was limited and painful on the right side. After talking to others who had received chiropractic care, I decided to go to Dr. Santoro. My results were good.. I had better range of motion and less pain.  My advice…try chiropractic. It definitely has its place in rehabilitative and preventative care.

Nicholas D.

I was involved in an accident in which another car hit me from the rear. After the accident I had neck pain and headaches, as well as lower back pain. I went to Dr Santoro and as I received treatment my condition continued to improve. I have told about ten people about Dr Santoro, in case they need treatment, too.  Overall, I think my chiropractor is great, and he continues to help me improve.

Grant F.

I had whiplash/auto accident.  I had neck , upper back and lower back pain with spasms. I found Dr Santoro to be very professional. With treatment my pain subsided and my overall health improved.  I have told several people about Dr Santoro.

David M.

I had a car accident and hurt my neck and my back.  A coworker recommended me to Dr Santoro.  My first impressions about him was that he was not a quack, and that he was going to help me without medication.  If I had to describe Dr. Santoro… he is a regular person who is trying to help people who are in pain. I have told a lot of people about him.

Troy D.

I had neck and upper back pain from a whiplash injury (car accident). My pain was so bad that I had to take pain pills from my medical doctor. My medical doctor referred me to an orthopedist. However, his treatment didn’t help me get any better.  I had some doubts about chiropractic treatment, but I had to do something. I found Dr Santoro to be knowledgeable and caring towards me. As treatment continues I am getting better and better. I feel like I am on my way to 100%. I feel like receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Santoro is the best thing I’ve done for myself.


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