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Lower back pain, unfortunately, is extremely common. There are many reasons for this. One such reason is that we tend to do things physically the same, time after time. If our posture during a particular repetitive activity is slightly off, it can cause mini injuries to occur over time. Perhaps, its how we perform a certain sporting activity, how we sit, or how we bend. The list goes on and on. Over time, these mini injuries become major.  And when they do, your body lets you know about it!

So, how do you correct this situation?  The key is to identify what physical position or movement tends to cause your pain. Sometimes the pain will occur right at the time you are in the wrong position.  However, many times patients report to me that the next morning is when they feel the pain more consistently.  So, pay attention to what your body is telling you.  If you have pain in the morning, think back to what you were doing the day or night before. This could help you identify the main cause of your injury. By reducing the aggravating factors of your back pain, it helps to reduce the stress on your lower back and at least, gives you a fighting chance of healing.

When adding Chiropractic care to the mix, spinal health can then be addressed. By balancing and normalizing the position of the vertebrae, you will promote normal spinal function. The combination of correcting your spinal imbalance and avoiding the movements or positions that aggravate it is a winning formula that will give you the best chance to enjoy the lifestyle that you choose. If you suffer from back pain, contact me and we can take the next step toward better health and comfort.

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