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Many patients, who have pain from an injury, have questions as to what should be done to help their condition. Those patients who have always exercised sometimes think that they can exercise their condition away. In many cases, this is not the prudent thing to do, because your exercise may have contributed to your injury. There is another very logical reason to think twice about attempting to help your condition by exercising... one of the benefits of exercising is that it can help strengthen your muscles. Stronger muscles give more support to various parts of your body. If an injury has been caused by a misalignment or shift of a spinal segment, by strengthening the surrounding muscles you can potentially lock the misalignment in place! Instead, get evaluated by a Chiropractor. If a misalignment has occurred, allow your Chiropractor to help restore the normal position and function of the spine, and then, exercise it to support those changes. In most cases, this is the most prudent strategy. If you have any questions about your particular injury, call or email my Delray Beach Chiropractic office. I would be happy to discuss the best course of treatment for you. 

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