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Sciatica is a condition that simply means you have leg pain. That pain, commonly travels down the back of your leg, but can also go down the side and front. The condition typically is caused by misalignment or injury of the lower lumbar spine, ie your lower back. The sciatic nerve and its tributaries come from a combination of the lower three spinal nerves of your lower back. If, due to injury or overuse, there is irritation to any one of those lower three nerves, it can cause you to have pain in your leg. Lower back pain can also be felt by a person with sciatica, however, I have seen many cases in which the pain was only in the leg. Positionally, the pain can be in your upper leg, calf, and radiate right down to your foot. In others, it may only be in one part of your leg. It would be prudent, when having this type of condition, to be evaluated by a chiropractor. Xrays can show if the position of the lower back vertebra is the cause of your condition, and what type of treatment would be most effective to resolve your symptoms.