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Chiropractor Delray Beach, FL
Dr. Alfred J. Santoro, BA, BS, CCSP, DC
A compassionate professional who listens to YOUR needs

How would you like to visit a doctor's office and not have to wait?

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Dr. Alfred J. Santoro, BA, BS, CCSP, DC
16244 S. Military Trail, Suite 760
Delray Beach, FL 33484
Fax: 561-495-7817  Ph: 561-495-4950
Look no further! Since 1980, I, Dr. Santoro have been dedicated to helping people just like you and your family regain and maintain the best level of health possible. I utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to fascilitate understanding your health issues, and I use gentle chiropractic care to help restore your health to the level you desire.

If you like what you've learned so far about my practice, I invite you to look through my website to determine if my one-on-one approach to patient care is right for you. If so, please give me a call, and I will extend to you the same quality health services that I have for hundreds of others like you.
We work with most insurance plans and can arrange flexible payment options for those with no insurance or out-of-network plans. You can even fax or email your insurance information, and we can get back to you quickly with your benefits by phone, fax, or email, whichever you prefer.

Dr. Santoro is a provider for the following major insurances:

  • Auto Insurances
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • Aetna Insurance
  • Medicare
  • And Many others
Car Accident? READ THIS FIRST!

If you have been injured in a car accident don't choose any doctor until you read this! Your doctor must understand, not only your health needs, but your rights as well. Call 495-4950 to receive your free report. This report will explain the truth about how you can get out of pain with gentle care and at the same time have your rights protected.


Since 1981, I have successfully treated a variety of conditions, from chronic lower back and neck pain to the rehabilitation necessary after suffering injuries in a car accident.
Office Hours:
    Mon & Wed   10-12:45 & 3-6 
    Tue & Thr   3-6
    Fri   10-12:45

Since we are a busy office there may be times when you call that you get our voice mail system instead of a live person. Please leave a message with your phone number. Dr. Santoro is VERY good at getting back to patients quickly. He also responds to his voice messages on off days as well so that patients can have the confidence that when the need arises, Dr. Santoro will be available to speak to them.

Dr. Alfred J. Santoro, BA, BS, CCSP, DC
16244 S. Military Trail • Suite 760 • Delray Beach, FL 33484
561-495-4950 •

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